Solar Electric Generation


Metro Glide SDN BHD is a certified installer and designer for solar panel electricity generating systems for large and small scale applications. Solar electric generation systems are excellent for implementing low cost rural electrification schemes, and for utilising your land or structures for sustainable renewable power generation in conjunction with the grid.
Solar PV system installed in Malaysia is eligible for FIT scheme ( Owners may sell electricity to the utility.

We recommend standalone systems for scenarios such as remote villages / schools , remote clinics, SCADA monitoring system, security system, bird nest industry. Our solution uses the following components

  • Solar panels
    We offer various high quality designs to meet your cost and power generation requirements
  • Off grid Inverters
    Solar generated electricity is converted into AC power for use with common energy delivery systems.
  • Mounting Structures
    We can accommodate mounting to suit a wide variety of situational, aesthetic, and optimization conditions, as we as large and small scale operations.
  • Storage
    Battery based storage systems can be included in the system to enhance power continuity and adjust to weather patterns.
  • Upgrading
    Solar power may offer an upgraded option to reliance on generators. Our skilled team implement a design that can integrate your current systems.