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Company Statement

Founded in 1993, Metro Glide SDN BHD began as a commercial partnership venture. It has always been focused on providing outstanding electrical engineering services, quality assurance, and competitiveness. Today Metro Glide employs over 100 highly skilled staff on sites across Sarawak. Our staff undergo regular training in the latest standards for technical expertise and safety standards.

Our diverse project experience includes the construction of electrical infrastructure and its associated works, including installations, maintenance, and substation facilities, as well as working on the Pan Borneo Highway.

We are in a strong market position, based upon our core business model of high quality work delivered at a competitive price. We have an outstanding record on contract delivery, and our reputation for excellence and timely completions is highly regarded. We have the capacity and capital allowance to take on large scale projects across Borneo.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the preferred provider in the area of electrical engineering contracting for Sarawak, leading with a reputation for expertise, professionalism, and competitiveness. We are a community conscious organisation, and believe in responsible and fair distributions of profit for our highly skilled workforce. We deliver on these visions by:

    • Commitment to delivering projects on time, maintaining high standards of workmanship to get the job done
    • Supporting employees through premium remuneration and benefits, and fostering individual growth through training
    • Ensuring the highest safety standards and diligence on site through a clear supervisory structure
    • Maintaining and developing excellent financial relationships with creditors and contractors based on trust and reciprocity
    • Delivering sustainable projects and developing the efficiency of our working processes through long term planning and optimization

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